2D and 3D CNC cutting

Our machines can be used for 2D profile cutting or to mill 3D forms using a series of passes on the machine beds. 


2D profile cutting

2D Profile cutting uses sheet materials to cut out shapes based on a vector file. The components can be assembled after cutting, like flat pack furniture for example. The CNC machines are extremely precise and can quickly produce beautiful panels or joinery.
Something to be aware of when you are planning your project is that router bits leave a small radius on corners. We can resolve this for you if that is required. 
2D profile cutting produces a beautiful and professional finish for your design.

3D milling

CNC 3D Milling can be used for a range of applications including creating; moulds, patterns, sculpting, parts and cores, and much more. With appropriate techniques two sided 3D milling can be achieved to give a seamless part for a fully 3 dimensional object.