This is who we are

At Human Dynamo Workshop we know that the people who work here are the most important part of our company. 

Definition of a 'Human Dynamo'


'a highly energetic and indefatigable person'...

'an energetic person with unusual initiative'.


Rob Uivel

Founding Director Rob Uivel has over 30 years of experience in the model making industry. 

Rob handles all job enquiries, pricing and quotes for Human Dynamo. He designs the production of all work and oversees the job to completion. Rob is a highly skilled problem solver, with a wealth of experience of materials and processes.

His passions include football, boating, ceramics and family.

"You spend a lot of your life working. So it's best to make your work something you like doing."


Sue Dorrington

Sue Dorrington

Co-director Sue Dorrington 

Sue is Human Dynamo's art director and manages sculpting and paint finishing tasks.  
She shares the management and marketing of the company with Rob. Sue is a talented artist, who started her career in advertising.  
Passions include home family, horses, and art.

   "Never stop looking."

Garry Buckley

Senior Industrial Designer

Garry has a history of toy design and film miniatures. His modelmaking and artistic career started in England and spans many genres from architectural, advertising, film, toymaking and miniatures. He is a fantastic techical modelmaker and also our resident comedian.

Dominic Taylor

Senior Industrial Designer 

Dominic is a talented problem solver and designer. He has a strength for inventiveness and is
most happy tinkering on inventions in the shed, or spending time with his family. Dominic holds a Diploma in Industrial Design from Wellington Polytechnic (now Massey University)Independantly Dominic has been involved in many movies and projects and was especially known for his work with bullet hits and blood rigs.

   “I like to make things that work. I have spent my time building mechanisms and
   prototype manufacturing machines for various companies in Wellington and New Zealand.”

Cameron Holder

Industrial Designer and CNC Operator 

Cameron graduated from Massey University College of Creative Arts in May 2016 with a Bachelor of Industrial Design (First class honors). He has been our CNC operator and Junior designer here since November 2015. Cam has a range of skills from sketching/ ideation, to CAD/ digital design methods, problem solving and digital fabrication. In 2016 his final year uni project DR.POW (a rehabilitation pool for wildlife during oil spills) won a Red dot design concept award, a Silver best award and was National runner up in the New Zealand James Dyson awards. 
Cameron has a strong appreciation for products that are designed for a cause. He believes we have a responsibility for the objects we bring into this world and we should strive to make them as well resolved as possible.

Lily Uivel

Model Maker / Artist

Lily has a Bachelor of Fine arts with Honours and graduated from Auckland University in 2015. Since then she has been working in the Wellington Film industry. First at Weta Workshop’s Props Department as a miniature model maker, then at Human Dynamo. She now works as one of our model makers, sculptors, paint finishers, and as our social media coordinator. Lily is Rob Uivel and Sue Dorrington’s daughter, and has been around the workshop since she was a child. She did her first work for Human Dynamo when she was 15 years old and has been learning the trade ever since.

Rory Stewart

Model Maker / CNC Operator and Fabricator

Rory has been working at Human Dynamo since the beginning of 2015. He is a resourceful and multi-talented worker. Rory is self taught in Rhino 5 and has been amazing at adapting to the fast changing technologies of the workshop. He is also a skilled fabricator and has a flair for paint finishing. Rory loves fishing, making and inventing.

Past and Present Human Dynamos.

Over the years Human Dynamo Workshop has employed many creative individuals with incredible talents and skills. Their integrity and passion has shaped our portfolios and reputation. Some were subcontractors that have just been with us for a short while, while others became long standing members of our company. Many have gone on to become successful model makers, entrepeneurs and business owners in their own right. 

Human Dynamo's directors would like to acknowledge and thank them all for putting a bit of themselves into the work produced here at Human Dynamo Workshop.