Human Dynamo Workshops industrial designers and artists can visualise, digitise and refine any brief.

We can take on a design problem and take it through from concept development into a fully finished product. Our design process involves communication and collaboration with our clients, to make sure we can express exactly what they want.

We are confidential with any idea that comes to our door. On board with us are some extremely experienced and talented designers and fabricators who have worked over a huge range of projects throughout their careers. Human Dynamo Workshop uses this knowledge, while also pushing the boundaries on cutting edge tools and software.

Our design process includes working with 3D and 2D softwares that can translate straight into production.


Digital Design

• 3D scanning and printing is one of our newest and most exciting design processes. We can now sculpt a maquette in real clay, which is a great process for client-sculptor communication. Then we can scan the finished sculpt and print it on our very own 3D printers. Before printing we are able to alter the scan digitally.

• We can create any digital drawing, file or plan. These digital files can be used at any scale. Laser cutting or 3D printing a job on a small scale as a test is a useful tool to ensure the effectiveness of the design.

• We can build a 3D digital render or model. 3D rendering can visualise anything in a realistic way. This can be used both as a design tool to clarify concepts or as an end result. 

• We can import and edit many kinds of files: - dxf. dwg. esp, cdr and more. AutoCAD files are used straight from an Architect to cut components for architectural models.

• We can vectorize bmp, tiff or gif files.

The design above were drafts for a fabrication project for a local supermarket called Moore Wilson's. to see more on this project follow the link below.