We can do sculpting work in any scale and in a wide range of materials.

Sue Dorrington is our talented and experienced sculptor, but we also have a network of freelance artists and self-employed contractors that we work with. We have sculpted many projects including specimen models of animals, film props, scenery and artist commissions.


The job process usually starts with gathering reference images, then sketching and drawing to understand and plan the piece requested. 

The process begins with material selection; polystyrene and industrial modelling Plasticine are common choices. An armature to support the sculpt is considered and built if required. A smaller preliminary maquette model is often completed before the master is begun.

The sculpt is then executed. During the sculpt, there is a rigorous process of constant looking, checking, measuring, and shaping. This includes dialogue between the sculptor and client in order to meet specification and expectations.

After sculpting, Human Dynamo Workshop can also, mould, cast, and paint any outcomes.