Volcanic Cloud

In 2005 Human Dynamo was approached with a brief to create a volcanic cloud billowing over the ceiling of the Auckland Memorial Museum,for a new permanent exhibition on Volcanoes.

We started with a trip to Auckland to inspect the venue and consider the concept, access and mounting.

Back in Wellington we compiled a folder of image references of volcanic eruptions, followed by concept drawings and sketches. Once the design was finalised, a maquette or small model of the installation was undertaken. Consideration for mounting, part-lines, as well as the total visual effect was worked through at this stage.

Once the client was happy with this concept and design stage, a moulding process duplicated it in resin. This was then cut up into individual pieces or clouds.

Using the maquette forms, full size profiles were welded in steel rods to form lightweight metal frames, and covered with Dacron Polyester, before being painted to look like ash clouds. 

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