Human Dynamo has over thirty years of fabrication and model making experience. We have large portfolios of work to showcase; from film work to museum installation and much more.




Product Design & Manufacture

Human Dynamo is experienced in creating production runs for consumer products and devices. 

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Location Based Experience

Expos, trade shows, tourist attractions, visitor centers and aquariums.

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Pattern &
Mould Making

We provide full pattern and mould making service; from design and prototyping to fabrication and finishing.

Fine Art

Assisting fine artists in the creation of murals and sculpture.

Advertising & Promotional

Robots, food models, 3D billboards, puppets, point of sale displays, promotional exhibits, and on set work for TV commercials.

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Work for Movies, film and streaming.

Props, sets, costume pieces, silicone prosthetics and animatronics.

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Retail & Commercial

Spatial design, 3D Murals, Furniture, Wall Decals, Privacy screening, Retail Facades. 

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Museums & Exhibition

Specimen Models

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