Human Dynamo has over thirty years of fabrication and model making experience. We have large portfolios of work to showcase; from film work to museum installation and much more.




Robots, food models, 3D billboards, puppets, point of sale displays, promotional exhibits, and on set work for TV commercials.

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Props, sets, costume pieces, silicone prosthetics and animatronics.

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3D Murals, Furniture, Wall Decals, Privacy screening, Retail Facades. 

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Interactive Display

Expos, trade shows, tourist attractions, and art installations.

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Specimen Models

Human Dynamo has made specimen models for Te Papa Museum and other institutions. We take pride in a high level of accuracy and maintaining the scientific integrity of a specimen model; it has to be as close to the real thing as possible. 

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Pattern &
Mould Making

We provide full pattern and mould making service; from design and prototyping to fabrication and finishing.



Product Design & Manufacture

Human Dynamo is experienced in creating production runs for consumer products and devices. 

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Our facilities house state of the art CNC router cutting equipment and very experienced CNC operators and technicians. We offer CNC profile cutting, CNC 3D milling, and complete CNC router cutting services at our workshop in Miramar, Wellington.

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3D Printing

The workshop 3D printers print whole or part of models. This manufacturing technology can output highly detailed, accurate, functional and durable items suitable for props, parts, models and prototypes. 

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