This is who we are

The Human Dynamos


Definition of a 'Human Dynamo':


1. 'A highly energetic and indefatigable person'.

2.'An energetic person with unusual initiative'.


Rob Uivel

Founding Director - Business

Rob is the original Human Dynamo and founder of the company. Rob is a highly skilled problem solver, with a wealth of experience of materials and processes. He has over 30 years of experience in model making, film art department support, exhibition and industrial design. 
Additionally he is an industrial ceramics specialist. 

"You spend a lot of your life working. So it's best to make your work something you like doing."

Sue Dorrington

Director - Creative

Sue is Human Dynamo's artist director. Sue shares the governance of Human Dynamo Limit with Rob Uivel. Working on the company as well as in the company on selected projects.

Sue is a talented artist, art director and conceptual thinker.  

"Never stop looking."


Deb West


Deb is Human Dynamo's bookkeeping. Email Deb for account enquiries.

Deb has been an independent bookkeeping contractor at Bookkeeping Plus since 2011.

Maxwell Uivel

Business Performance Manager

Max is head up when everyone is head down on delivery. His focus is on the company’s direction and performance. Taking care of problems as they arise, supporting the team and making sure investments are well considered, timely and executed on fully.


Dominic Taylor

Senior Manager of Creative Solutions

Dominic is a resourceful and imaginative Senior Designer. He has a strength for inventiveness.  Designing unique and effective solutions to our clients’ unusual requests. 

Dominic holds a Diploma in Industrial Design from Wellington Polytechnic (now Massey University). 

Tony Drawbridge

Client Relations Manager

Tony leads client relations and communications. He is a trusted advocate for client’s to ensure their expectations are being managed and met.

Tony is highly experienced in the film industry, as a Props Master. He completed a product design degree in 1995.


Matthew Houghton

Manager, Production 

As Manager of Production, Matt knows exactly what goes on in the ‘shop at all times. He brings together the required people, materials, knowledge and a plan to realise the vision of our clients.

Matt has a passion for making and creating. His roots in the world of fabrication began in professional boat building. Both build and repair of world class boats and yachts, leading expertise in composite, fibreglass and wood construction.

Garry Buckley

Senior Industrial Designer, Master Model Maker

Garry is a versatile and talented master model maker and technical designer, His attention to small components has found him working as a Toy Designer, on Miniatures for Film, and in Architectural model making.  Garry is also an independent artist/illustrator, and is known for his work on the Hobbit Trilogy.

His creative career began in the UK with a degree in Dimensional Design. 


Adelle Kristensen

Master Model maker / Artist

Adelle is a prop master and Leads in the 3D printing department. She is a talented maker and skilled joiner. 

Adelle leads teams on authorised projects. Managing, time and resources to deliver successful jobs. She is a supportive team player an experienced on set crew member for Human Dynamo.

Adelle has a Fine Arts degree, and also trained in Sydney, Australia. She attended the NIDA (National Institute of Dramatic Arts) Properties and Objects course, receiving extensive experience in model making for theatre and film.


Joe Bridley

Senior Designer and Maker

Joe heads the CNC Workshop and is an experienced industrial designer.  Skilled in Fabrication, machine programming, 3D modelling and designing. He programs, runs and maintains the workshop CNC machines. Solving problems as they arise. Joe works directly with some clients and leads teams on authorised projects. Managing, time and resources to deliver successful jobs. 

Joe holds an Industrial Design degree from Massey University. 

Luke Ellis

Senior Maker

Luke is a senior maker with a Fine arts degree and a trade in Metal fabrication, he has worked within various industries ranging from Manufacturing, Aviation, Marine and more recently the Film and Entertainment sector. 

With such an extensive background Luke has a broad range of fabricating skills and as long as the project is creative Luke is interested.


Eleanor Pepperell

Intermediate Maker and Designer

Eleanor is a workshop generalist specialising in model making, fibreglass fabrication, digital fabrication, CAD, and Graphic design. 

Eleanor first joined our team in 2019 after graduating with a Bachelor of Industrial Design (Hon) First Class, at Massey University.

Elizabeth Turner

Intermediate Maker and Designer

Elizabeth is a general workshop fabricator and designer with a passion for model making, finishing, fibre-glassing, digital fabrication, and organisation.

Elizabeth joined our team in 2020 after graduating with a Bachelor of Design Majoring in Industrial Design (Hon) from Massey University.


Sam Forte

Junior CNC Designer

Sam moves between the design studio and the workshop floor covering both physical and digital fabrication. With a focus on designing for CNC, but leading a hand on a wide range of fabrication and design tasks.

Sam joined our team in 2022 after graduating with a Bachelor of Industrial Design (Hon) at Massey University.

Alfie Uviel

Senior Wire Haired Fox Terrier

Alfie is self appointed head of workshop laneway patrol.

He never gives up ( easily ) and picks the biggest sticks for fetching. 




Past and Present Human Dynamos.

Over the years Human Dynamo Workshop has employed many creative individuals with incredible talents and skills. 

Their integrity and passion has shaped our portfolios and reputation. Some were subcontractors that have just been with us for a short while, while others became long standing members of our company. 

Many have gone on to become successful model makers, entrepreneurs and business owners in their own right. 

Human Dynamo's directors would like to acknowledge and thank them all for putting a bit of themselves into the work produced here at Human Dynamo Workshop.