He Auripo - Len Hetet

About the Artist

Len Hetet is a New Zealand Sculptural artist and Senior Art Director at Baked Design. 


He Auripo

About the Work

He Aurpo is located on parliament ground on Bowen St, Wellington. It has been a great privilege to assist Len Hetet in bringing He Auripo to the public.

About the Process

The build required some technical resin work, including carbonfibre, vacuum bags, and fibreglassing with a translucent finish allowing the sculpture to be lit from within.

CNC cut mould pattern fresh off the router

Mould pattern primed, waxed and ready to produce the mould

Often the biggest parts of fabricating a job are generating form and making the moulds. Here you can see a few in process pics in creating a public sculpture for NZ artist Len Hetet. Our CNC routers are a fantastic tool to make digital designs into physical forms. 

Carbon fiber for strength

Steel scaffold

Installation at Bowen street