Motion Capture Hardware

Facial Motion Capture Hardware

Human Dynamo Workshop designs and manufactures motion capture helmets for:

  • Faceware Technologies Inc. a complete software motion capture suppler. -

  • Capi. A division of HDW specialising in motion capture hardware

Used by game development and animation studios. 

Helmet range

  • The Mark 4 - world class motion capture helmets produces exclusively for Faceware Technologies Inc. 

  • Custom made helmets that fit an individual actors head. Manufactured in fibreglass or carbon fibre from head scans for personal bespoke fit.

  • Capi shell helmets in three sizes. Three sets of foam inserts insure fit for 95% of heads. 

  • Capi adjustable helmet. One size fits all. In Beta phase. Register your interest @ 

The power to capture your imagination. A one size fits all for everyone. Enquire @

Client - wētāfx -

(Photo by 20th Century Fox)

Cast from woven fibreglass. We make the straps and buckles and fittings ourselves and assemble to make the best fitting helmet for motion capture.

Our CNC Routers can perfectly replicate an actor's face so that we can create accurate masks for the motion capture process.

Using 3D scans of an actor's face and head shape, we vacuum form masks for makeup artists to create dots that maintain continuity between shooting days.