Ana Iti - Shelters

About the Artist

"I am a full-time artist, which is both a challenge and a privilege. When I think about what being an artist is, I like this quote by Keri Hulme: “I am not a traveller, but I make journeys. The journeys are undertaken timidly, warily, with a sense of foreboding and coming despair. This is strange because I am overtly a hearty well-fed clown.”" - Ana Iti



About the Work

The sculptural work, Shelters was Commissioned for the city Gallery in Wellington as a part of the exhibition I must shroud myself in a stinging nettle. The exhibition presents two major works by Ana Iti, Shelters and Roharoha, tying together her artistic explorations of moving image, large-scale sculpture, and text. Together, these works consider the notion of shelter in relation to the kahukura, a butterfly species endemic to Aotearoa.

About the Process

Human Dynamo fabricated the metal frames that form the main structure.

Photography by Cheska Brown