Sorawit Songsataya - The Interior

About the Artist

Sorawit Songsataya is a multimedia artist currently based in Pōneke Wellington. Their practice explores the many tangents that connect and redefine our understandings of subjectivity and ecology.

The Interior

About the Work

"In The Interior, a moa (Aotearoa New Zealand’s largest flightless bird), lies surrounded by a group of native and endemic bird species; some extinct like the moa, others endangered. Their minimal forms are distinctly polished and abstracted by the process of digital modelling, by casting and carving, yet their life-size offers a fantastical experience of lands once richly populated by avian life." SCAPE Public Art 


Human dynamo worked with Sorawit Songsataya to fabricate the bird sculptures in their work 'The Interior'. 

Hard coating the polystyrene sculpture to make the pattern

Fiberglassing over the pattern to make the skin

Removing the polystyrene pattern to leave the skin

Top coat