Workshop Spaces

With extensive experience in physical fabrication and model making, Human Dynamo Workshop provides services for designers, film makers, curators, artists, architects and people needing a 3D solution.  

We work internationally with clients from all over the world, and locally. 

Our services include thorough consultation with our clients throughout every stage of a product's output. We also provide a free quote for your job enquiries. 

Our workshops are housed in three neighboring industrial units, located at 131 Park Road in Miramar, Wellington; the heart of New Zealand's film industry. 

Metal Workshop

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Woodworking shop

Our workshops are fitted with standard carpentry and joinery equipment and tools. 

modelmaking, cabinetry, and joinery.

Construction from this space also includes supports for architectural models, dispatch cases, film set components, props and more.

Manufacturing and fabrication spaces

We have spaces for large and small scale manufacture. 

manufacture, fabrication,  part components, 

CNC Workshop

Our facilities house state of the art CNC router cutting and milling equipment and very experienced CNC operators and technicians. We offer CNC profile cutting, CNC 3D milling, and complete CNC router cutting services at our workshop in Miramar, Wellington.

Two-Dimensional CNC Cutting

Two Dimensional CNC cutting is a rapid, efficient, and versatile technique for a variety of applications. Our routers are capable of accurate and intricate vector profile cutting on a wide range of flat materials, and our skilled technicians can help you to determine the best process for your requirements. 

Fiber-glassing buck for a high capacity mobile water tank; CNC machined and hand finished. 

Four 3-Axis CNC router cutting machines.
Materials: wood, plastics, composites, and selected metals.
Maximum bed size: 3.6 m L x 1.5m W x 200mm H (the z axis.)

Three-Dimensional CNC Cutting

This technique is highly versatile and is capable of creating engineering quality componentry, masters, and moulds. Our techniques are able to produce hard surface and organic forms. 

Tuatara head negative fiberglass mould - 3D cut CNC custom wood.

3D Printing Room

The workshop 3D printers print whole or part of models. This manufacturing technology can output highly detailed, accurate, functional and durable items suitable for props, parts, models and prototypes. 

digital sculpting high detail specimen model

Digital modeling

Created in-house of a Strawberry sea cucumber specimen.

3D printed prototype components in robust composite material

Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM)

Prototype components printed in robust composite material. The cog is strengthened further with a continuous fiber reinforcement.

We fabricate three dimensional solutions that our specialised paint artists can accurately apply colour detailing to further enhance the finished product. The possibilities are endless. 

3D printed high detail specimen model

MultiJet Printers (MJP)

This printer prints with wax supports to print in the finest detail.

Specimen dissection model SLA 3D Print

Stereolithography (SLA)

Resin bath printers provide a high level of detail with a smooth surface finish making it a perfect option for many models. It is possible to print in a variety resins including coloured, clear and flexible. 

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We create moulds in a range of materials including silicone, plaster, MDF, wood and epoxy or polyester resin fibreglass.

Our CNC routers and 3D printers are useful for generating moulds or originals; we can create an original to mould and/or cast for you.

Spray Booth

Our technicians and artists are capable of executing a wide variety of finishes; gloss, matte, aging, texturing, detailing restoring, and mimicking.

We paint onto most substrates, including wood, plastic, metal, fabric, silicone, etc.

Industrial Mouldmaking

Our manufacturing processes allow us to produce masters, and moulds; we commonly create fiberglassing moulds, bucks, and metal casting masters for engineering, automotive, and fiberglassing industries.

Provide us with specifications, drawings, CAD files, or we can work with your briefs and requirements

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