Chrysalis Group

Gaia Forest Preschool Architectural Display Model

The Gaia Forest Preschool is a newly built Kindy in Auckland inspired by the "Gaia (Earth) Education Principle. Human Dynamo worked in collaboration with Chrysalis group to construct an architectural display model, in time for the completion of the building. The model is representative of the site and is to be used as a talking point to showcase the key features within the Forest / outdoor play sites and activity areas. Its all about attention to detail.

Garry our master modelmaker fabricated the diorama from the ground up; laying the earthworks, flocking the varied undergrowth, pouring streams, building bridges, and hand planting every tree.

It was a very enjoyable journey from initial concept design, site visits with many a reference photo, through modelmaking to arrive at the final product.

Final Model


Architectural Drawing

Site visit photo - Bush

Model details

Site visit photo - Kindy building

 Topographic landform fresh off the CNC.

Garry Fits the roof

Flocking and tree tests

Garry planting trees

Model details