3D Printing


Along with traditional model-making techniques, our team is able to fabricate three dimensional solutions in a range of materials and scales, utilising in-house 3D printing manufacturing technologies.

We produce highly detailed, accurate, functional and durable items suitable for props, parts, models and prototypes. The possibilities are endless. 

Our specialized paint artists are able to accurately apply colour detailing to further enhance the finished product.

A functioning highly detailed miniature model of a Jason Crawley cocktail shaker.

Digital model, created in-house of a Strawberry sea cucumber specimen.

The completed 3D printed Strawberry sea cucumber museum specimen model.

Various prototype components printed in robust material. The cog is strengthened further with an inner printed core.

Various 3D printed components of specimen models in raw material.

A tiny 3D printed Katipo Spider specimen model. Addictive manufacturing allows for fine yet strong detail making it a perfect option for many models.